Entry #6

I need your help!

2014-12-29 01:32:18 by Veinom

Paypαl made me shut down my ecchi site and I'm under surveillance.
Please help me by visiting my personal site www.vic.com.gr

How does this help? PP will actually take money from my account (perhaps even all my life's savings!) if the data they gather benefits their claim. So I need to more traffic to vic.com.gr because there are some commissions I made, which would show them that I haven't made money from my adult game.

Thanks for your support.


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2014-12-29 01:43:40

I know Paypal has this thing about risky pictures (why the Shad and other adult artists can't use it)... but I've never heard of what they're proposing. Maybe you could post a copy of the email they sent you? You can always omit sensitive or personal info, it's likely they sent you a form letter anyway.

Sucks to hear you're in a pickle :\ I've enjoyed all your work since you joined up, and it's been a pleasure having you here :)

Veinom responds:

thanks. unfortunately they dont even allow boobs / nudity. So i got permanently banned from their site. I cant use paypal ever again in my life.. wow that was harsh! I had not prior warning either. it was like WHAM! dead.


2015-01-01 14:01:35

Hate to ask, but how much did you lose? Must've been more than few submissions over a period of time, accruing ad-rev :\

Veinom responds:

I'm not sure yet.... they told me I will get back my money but after 6 months.


2015-01-02 04:01:44

you need a patreon like pronto man


2016-07-10 13:30:36

sad to hear all this, it always makes me sad to see someone i enjoy, or someone i care about in such a position. hope this all clears up!