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Good video and you are right on what you say. But let's not forget that it's an anime. Most anime have a hero with super powers. Here, the cards are remnants from ancient Egypt and they carry the essence of those monsters. It is not to be taken seriously but some battles are very intense. Sure, the battles and cards have to follow a story to promote new cards, but it's fun to see all that in the ridiculous seriousness of the YGO universe.

A few very bad things: in YGO GX Jaden plays the dog that gets him 2 new cards every time, and he never lost a single fight, even though he was a rookie and a slacker. In Zexal, the augmented reality holograms hurt them, which is not explained but that's from the momentum the series has gained from previous installments. And the only protagonist without a spirit (split personality disorder) was Yusei from 5Ds. YGO is the only anime I seen from start to finish and while Im not proud of it, I had a lot of fun because of how preposterous everything is! Plus I enjoy the near-future theme and gadgets!


quite funny! nice try on the animation and action and jokes :)
but im sure you can do a lot better;)

DahDoctow responds:

haha, i CAN do alot better

this took an hour to make, and it was specially made to look retarded

i am working on a serious project, but it wont be released until later!


ok long text to unfitting and distracting music is a BAD COMBO! 3/5 and 5/10 for the efford and the fact that I would like to see more historic presentations here, but this slideshow is very bad. I had to turn on my speakers just to write this review. I wish this was better because I would be interested in learning about the Aryans. As I keep checking it, all I see is disgusting text and I pray that the music has stopped. This is actually worst than a book because the music. the music should have been relaxing, the ... shit it loops and the hideous music starts again! ah the neverending torture!
where was i? ok what that rap music? how about something more epic? like some tribal music or a sountrack from bravehart or something?
anyhow, the text needs narration and more images.

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Dont play this game!!! It will drain your life away!!!!
This is one of the most STUPID and ADDICTED games I have ever played...!!!
I played it for over 20h and I keep playing it like an idiot... and I dont know why!

(I hope I can quit before I reach 200T hours....) T_T
Damn youuu!

5 for originality and for making me spend 2 days of excitement.
This is a rare gem but I got 2 complains: the game is short and without upgrades its impossible to finish. I managed to reach Ancient Forest without them.

Haha very funny game! I love that you actually save money for college! Awesome work!

Kajio responds:

Real world storyline everyone can relate to!

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pretty good

F!#k I love it!

I love it! Can I use it for a game of mine?

TDWL2 responds:

Yes of course you can, just leave my name in please!
- T

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hey there you are! XD

your art is extreme as always! nice proportions for such a weird position! ;)
I rarely give 9 or10 so consider the 8 being near perfect :)

TheShadling responds:

Hey its you! I appreciate the review man, keep up those crazy sexy animations.

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